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Pictures Say It All!  Add a new dimension to your emulation productivity with eXpress Chart.

We now include our graphing software, eXpress Chart, free of charge, with the eXpress and eQuate product line.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and eXpress Chart allows easy formatting of data into a picture. Users capture data displayed on any terminal screen and transform that data into a meaningful picture. eXpress Chart offers an efficient alternative to BIS Graphics–only the data displayed is downloaded to the desktop. The PC does all graph and/or chart formatting.

eXpress Chart graphs and charts can be saved to disk, printed by the Chart Server or copied to the Windows clipboard for insertion into word processor and spreadsheet documents. Users can further customize charts and graphs using uncomplicated parameter dialogs. Also, real-time charting can be accomplished using OLE Automation, such as for system monitoring.

eXpress Chart is available at no charge to UTS eXpress, T27 eXpress and eQuate customers with current maintenance. The feature may be downloaded from the KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. web site, or customers may contact KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. for a copy. eXpress Chart is also included on current product CDs.

View the eXpress Chart help file here.




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