HGS Web Client for UTS

Web Browser-based Terminal Emulation

Also available for T27


KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. has developed, and is committed to the further development of, revolutionary connectivity software making mainframe systems accessible from anywhere in the world through the Internet.  The only requirement is a Web browser and access to the Internet.  Simply by accessing a Web page, designed with controls provided by KMSYS Worldwide, Inc., users can access any Unisys ClearPath Dorado system with as little as a click.

The HGS Web Client, when coupled with the Host Gateway Server from KMSYS Worldwide, provides basic emulation to any host that allows access through the Web.  Simply put, HGS Web Client is installed on a Web server and the Web Master designs the Web page(s) to accept user access through a series of controls that assures security and flexibility.  Controls range from Open Ids and Server IP Addresses to Color Settings and Keyboard Key definitions.

Users benefit from the fact that there is no software to install locally and thereby software and configuration updates are transparent.



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