Unisys 2200 Database Reorganization


I-QU PLUS-1, the flagship product from KMSYS Worldwide, Inc., was designed to minimize production downtime when reorganizing DMS 1100 databases. The methodology involves isolating individual database areas for reorganization without the necessity of linking to associated areas, thus providing savings of up to 80% over conventional methods.

In addition to its reorganizational prowess, I-QU PLUS-1 is an outstanding application development language and an excellent tool for prototyping traditional programming efforts. Created to meet the requirements of database professionals, I-QU PLUS-1's easily adapted language provides the developer the means to quickly write programs and evaluate data accuracy. Needing no compilation or collection, I-QU PLUS-1 offers two modes of operations: as a load-and-go programming language or as a conversational command-by-command checkout tool for all 2200 data types.



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