I-QU ReorgComposer

Automatic 2200 database reorganization and conversion code generation


I-QU ReorgComposer may also be used to generate date aging code for RDMS 2200 tables and PCIOS files. The ReorgComposer has more than 30 years database experience built into its routines, making it a most indispensable tool for the Database Administrator.

I-QU ReorgComposer utilizes a cooperative processing environment where PC software interacts with mainframe software. The I-QU ReorgComposer Windows® application (the client) connects to the 2200 host and executes a program that retrieves information from a schema file necessary to begin a dialog with the Database Administrator. Easy to use, the ReorgComposer presents a series of dialogs that allows the administrator to choose recovery and verification options, reload strategy, file specifications, type of sorting, etc. The result is a complete runstream including I-QU PLUS-1 unload and reload programs with all the required utilities and ECL to accomplish the most complex of reorganizations, hands free.

I-QU ReorgComposer also contains features that analyze the impact of schema changes on program source libraries and automatically generate accurate shifting code when adding, removing, expanding or compacting data fields.



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