2200 Ad Hoc Query and Report Generation


InfoQuest Technical Information

Client Features
  • Control Selection of InfoQuest Applications, Views and Request Activities
  • Create and Maintain Reports
  • Create and Update Files (Output Data Files, Print Files, PC Files)
  • Present Data Items for Selection
  • Offer Sort and Subtotal Options
  • Allow Selection of Column Calculations (Counting, Totaling, Averaging, etc.)
  • Create and Calculate Derived Items
  • Add Conditional Logic for Derived Items
  • Add Headings and Footers to Reports
  • Specify Cross-Foot Calculations
  • Customize Column Headings, Column Widths and Column Editing
  • Select Run Options
  • Enter Data Selection Criteria
  • Choose Request Run Times
  • Download Request Results
  • View Request Results
  • Specify Request Routing
  • Maintain Reports/Files/Requests
  • Schedule Requests

Host Features
  • Maintain User and Application Registration
  • Enforce Off-Line Runtime Security
  • Generate and Maintain Views of User Data
  • Generate and Maintain Data Access Logic
  • Export and Import InfoQuest Applications between InfoQuest Modes
  • Create and Maintain Data Item Index Files

Built-in Utilities
  • Request Result Download
  • Quick Browser
  • Viewer/Integrator
  • Automatic Scheduler

Supported File Types
  • SFS 2200 and PCIOS
  • DMS 2200
  • Direct I/O
  • RDMS 2200
  • SORT

Charting Capabilities with eXpress Chart
  • Online graphics presentation that acts as a OLE server
  • May be controlled from any Windows application or manually executed and utilized as a standalone application
  • Scripts may be written to obtain data from a host application and supply eXpress Chart with the necessary information to produce charts

Required Software

Any currently supported System Base Release (SBR) or supported level of the following Unisys OS/2200 software products are necessary for the installation and operation of InfoQuest: Q-LINK, BIS, ASCII COBOL, COMUS, ED, ELT, EXEC, MAP, MSAM, PCIOS, PLUS, SORT, SSG, SYSLIB, and UCSRTS. The InfoQuest Client component requires any currently supported release of the Windows® operating system.



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