2200 Ad Hoc Query and Report Generation


InfoQuest can get to the data without the agent, clerk, analyst, accountant, manager, etc. having any knowledge of the various Unisys 2200 file structures. Users select data items from lists of available data and determine how the data is to be presented. From a variety of easy-to-use options, requests can be tailored to sort the data, provide totals and subtotals, perform special calculations, stipulate custom formatting requirements and much, much more.

InfoQuest is built around a cooperative processing environment where the PC software is integrated with mainframe software. The PC component, InfoQuest Client, interacts with InfoQuest installed on the 2200 mainframe. Views of the data (the lists seen by the user) are maintained on the host mainframe along with other pertinent information regarding user registration, applications, access methods, request scheduling, etc. On the client side, InfoQuest presents all selection and run options in a graphical manner expected of all-powerful Windows applications.



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