Makes All 2200 Data Types Available to BIS


Q-LINK, follow-on to I-QU PLUS-1, was created to provide BIS users access to non-BIS data. Q-LINK is a precursor to what is commonly called client-server architecture.  Q-LINK operates outside of BIS, acting as a server that executes Q-LINK programs. BIS runs call a unique run function requesting that the server execute the program and return the data to BIS. Consequently, the Q-LINK program handles all data access independent of BIS.

Q-LINK's high-level language provides the BIS run writer all the flexibility necessary to access any 2200 data model. The language is easy to learn and boasts a command set that lends itself to highly structured and efficient code. In addition, Q-LINK programs may be maintained in runtime libraries for convenience and effectiveness.




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