T27 eXpress IT

Basic yet Robust T27 Emulation for ClearPath MCP Servers


T27 eXpress IT Technical Information

What's New in Version 4.2
  • Fully supports:
    • IPv6 DNS Resolution
    • FDCC standards
    • Unisys single point sign on
    • Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Floating, "dockable" control panel to access screens, configuration and help
  • Control panel can auto-hide and be visible only when needed
  • Each screen is in a self-contained window that can be individually sized and positioned anywhere on the desktop

Standard Terminal Emulation Features
  • Emulates entire T27 family of terminals
  • Fully emulates color features

Extended Terminal Emulation Features
  • Two simultaneous terminal environments (screens)
  • Host to screen character translation is provided
  • Input recall where previously transmitted text can be recalled and pasted in the screen or retransmitted directly
  • Text block selection in either linear or block mode
  • Screen text copy, cut and paste operations
  • Multiple screen capture, which can be saved to a text file or printed immediately
  • Screen "Send to" option, which allows a screen to be e-mailed to another user as either text or a windows bitmap file attachment
  • Special diagnostic to aid in problem resolution

Printing Capabilities
  • Fully supports pass-through printing.
  • Provides the ability to configure many printers
  • Supports several additional printing options:
    • Printing directly to the printer
    • Bypassing windows formatting
    • Printing to file
  • Supports print character translation

  • Supports both IPv6 and IPv4 DNS resolution
  • Configuring host connections is provided by a simple visual configuration interface
  • Connections can be made by drag and drop, or by drop-down lists

Screen Customization
  • User configurable color highlighting based on screen attributes such as protected, unprotected, intensity, etc.
  • User configurable screen color palette
  • Screen font selection which includes both fixed and proportional fonts (proportional fonts are automatically scaled to align vertically on the screen)
  • Automatic font and screen scaling based on three options:
    • No scaling
    • Adjust the screen size to fit the font size
    • Adjust the font size to fit the screen size.
  • Mouse double click and right button clicks can be configured to perform a terminal transmit, open a default popup menu, or execute a specific script

Keyboard Customization
  • Easy-to-use visual keyboard configuration
  • Keys can be mapped to terminal functions like "Transmit" or Clear Display
  • Key macros may be created containing any UTS key function, standard windows cut/copy/paste, text strings, text strings with user prompts, timed waits and conditional waits for string
  • Key macros may be executed from the screen’s macro menu or by a keyboard key sequence
  • A built-in key macro recorder provides the means to record a sequence of frequently used user tasks

  • All or part of the configuration can be locked so that end-users cannot change certain settings
  • Restricted, limited and power user groups/levels

Note:  If you require heightened security with enhanced data protection, please ask us about our Host Gateway Server with SSL encryption.

Required Software

Any ClearPath Libra or ClearPath LX Server is accessible by T27 eXpress IT. T27 eXpress IT requires any currently supported release of the Windows® operating system including Windows 7 and 64-bit platforms.



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