T27 eXpress IT

Basic yet Robust T27 Emulation for ClearPath MCP Servers

Also available for UTS


Not all users have the same requirements when it comes to emulators. Some users, like information technology professionals, want a feature-rich emulator containing many timesaving tools allowing them to work more efficiently. For example, T27 eXpress Plus has customizable toolbars, scripting capability and a script recorder just to name a few. Other users simply need basic emulation to perform their daily tasks where their only interaction is with host programs or transactions. KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. offers T27 eXpress IT basic emulation at affordable prices.

We realize that sometimes "more" can be "too much" and you do not want to pay for extra features you will never use, when a simple Unisys terminal emulator is all you need. We have taken the tried and true engine of T27 eXpress Plus, streamlined it to the bare essentials, and dropped the price to rock bottom. You will be surprised with how much power a few dollars can buy.



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