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TEaaS as Embedded Emulation

The simple TEaaS API provides transparent embedded emulation in Windows applications or services.  By using embedded emulation, a Windows application can interrogate and/or update data that resides on a Unisys mainframe to provide seamless integration between PC and mainframe applications and data.

The C# code below steps through a TIP Session Control login and then runs the CUST3 transaction to display the CUST4 screen shown in the web example.

  static void Main (string[] args)
     EmulationAccess       esa = new EmulationAccess();   
     FieldInfo             fi;  
     if (!esa.Connect("FCIMCB","UTS","sta001"))   
     {                     Console.WriteLine(esa.LastErrorMessage);
     if (!esa.WaitForHostText(23,2,"Enter your ",6000,1000))   
                           Console.WriteLine("did not find 'Enter your '");
     esa.WaitForHostText(22,2,"1. ",3000,0);  // ignore this result;
     if (!esa.WaitForHostText(23,2,"Choose your",2000,500))
                           Console.WriteLine("did not find 'Choose your'")
                           goto function_exit;
     if (! esa.WaitForHostText(23,2,"Previous session",2000,1000))    
                           Console.WriteLine("did not find 'Previous session'");
                           goto function_exit;
     esa.SetText(1, 1, "cust3");
    // process the screen  


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