UTS eXpress Enterprise

The Most Complete UTS Emulation Package for ClearPath OS2200 Servers

Also available for T27


UTS eXpress Enterprise Technical Information

What's New in eXpress Enterprise
  • New scripting engine supports a choice of BasicScripts, PascalScripts or JScripts.
  • Easier maintenance of screen connections
  • Screens maintained by user-chosen names
  • Color coded connections
  • Supports key macros in addition to scripting
  • Screen graphical snapshots plus viewer
  • eXpress Notes for user documentation and reminders

Features Unique to the Web Implementation of UTS eXpress Enterprise
  • Emulation software is centrally installed, configured and executed on a web server
  • View and maintain host data via a web browser
  • Host mainframe access can be via the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Software and configuration updates picked up every time Enterprise is run, so changes take effect immediately
  • Occupies a minimal footprint on the user PC with nothing installed
  • The administrator needs only to make a single change to update all users
  • Product updates and configuration changes are transparent to the user
  • There is zero cost of ownership and maintenance at the client level

Software Development Kit Capabilities
  • Develop application for windows or web.
  • Emulation solutions preferred by programmers, technicians and developers
  • Port legacy applications to windows/web without change to host programs
  • eXpress Enterprise emulation plus a control for host communications in other applications
  • Utilize familiar application development tools such as Visual Studio, Visual Basic™ or Delphi®

  • Floating, “dockable” control panel to access screens, configuration and help
  • Color coded screen buttons for easy recognition
  • Screen buttons support user-selected captions
  • Control panel can auto-hide and is visible only when needed
  • Each screen is in a self-contained window that can be individually sized and positioned anywhere on the desktop
  • Fully supports:
    • IPv6 DNS Resolution
    • FIPS 140-compliant cryptographic security modules (requires HGS)
    • FDCC standards
    • Unisys single point sign on
    • Microsoft .NET Framework

Standard Terminal Emulation Features
  • Emulates entire UTS family of terminals:
    • U-series
    • UTS-series
    • SVT-series
  • Fully emulates UTS20/30/40/60 emphasis
  • Fully emulates color features of the UTS 60
  • Fully supports UTS 30 and UTS 60 graphics
  • Fully supports UTS and SVT series pass-through printing
  • Full FCC support including FCC editing
  • Control page view and editing

Extended Terminal Emulation Features
  • Limitless simultaneous terminal screens
  • Fully supports special BIS look and feel features:
    • Function key activation by mouse click
    • Tab and transmit by mouse click
    • BIS screen box drawing (when terminal configured as UTS60 in BIS)
  • Host to screen character translation is provided
  • Input recall where previously transmitted text can be recalled and pasted on the screen or retransmitted directly
  • Text block selection in either linear or block mode
  • Screen text copy, cut and paste operations
  • Multiple screen text capture, which can be saved to a text file or printed immediately
  • Graphical screen snapshots plus viewer
  • Screen "Send to" option, which allows a screen to be e-mailed to another user as either text or a windows bitmap file attachment
  • Special diagnostic to aid in problem resolution

Printing Capabilities
  • Fully supports UTS and SVT series pass-through printing
  • Provides the ability to configure many printers, each of which can be assigned to different screens
  • Supports several additional printing options:
    • Printing directly to the printer
    • Bypassing windows formatting
    • Printing to file
  • Supports print character translation
  • Provides printer start (initialize), printer end (de-initialize) and end-of-screen strings
  • Provides a mechanism to utilize user-developed special printing capabilities in the form Local Printer Objects

  • Supports both IPv6 and IPv4 DNS resolution
  • Configuring host connections is provided by a simple visual configuration interface
  • Connections can be made by drag and drop, or by drop-down lists

Scripting (detailed information)
  • Content Sensitive Scripting allows user-friendly implementation of frequently performed tasks
  • A Basic, Pascal or Java script-compatible scripting language provides limitless ways to enhance terminal emulation
  • Scripts may be executed from the screen’s scripts menu, by a keyboard key sequence, or by clicking a custom tool bar button
  • A built-in script recorder provides the means to record a sequence of frequently used user tasks
  • A syntax highlighting editor is provided for easy script development
  • Dialog forms may be run using scripts and gives the users the ability to integrate windows forms with their terminal emulation screens

Screen Customization
  • User configurable color highlighting based on screen attributes such as protected, unprotected, intensity, etc.
  • User configurable screen color palette
  • Screen font selection which includes both fixed and proportional fonts (proportional fonts are automatically scaled to align vertically on the screen)
  • Automatic font and screen scaling based on three options:
    • No scaling
    • Adjust the screen size to fit the font size
    • Adjust the font size to fit the screen size
  • Each screen can have an automatic sign-on script assigned which is executed when the screen is initially opened
  • Each screen can have a custom script menu containing scripts pertinent to application accessed by the screen
  • Mouse double click and right button clicks can be configured to perform a terminal transmit, open a default popup menu, or execute a specific script

Keyboard Customization
  • Easy-to-use visual keyboard configuration
  • Multiple user configuration keyboard layouts, each of which can be assigned to different screens
  • Keys can be mapped to either terminal functions, like "Transmit", or to execute predefined scripts
  • Key scripts may be created containing any UTS key function, standard windows cut/copy/paste, text strings, text strings with user prompts, timed waits and conditional waits for string
  • Key scripts may be executed from the screen’s script menu or by a keyboard key sequence
  • A built-in key script recorder provides the means to record a sequence of frequently used user tasks

Custom Tool Bars
  • Many custom tool bars can be created and assigned to individual screens
  • Custom tool bars can be dynamically selected by script statements
  • Custom tool bars may be shown at the top or bottom of the screen on a screen by screen basis
  • Custom tool bar buttons can be used to start a script or a terminal key function
  • Each button may include a caption, bitmap image and/or popup tool tip

File Transfer
  • Supports basic control page initiated file transfer operation
  • User configuration file transfer send and receive directories

  • SSL Encryption is available and is FIPS 140-compliant  
  • All or part of the configuration can be locked so that end-users can not change certain settings
  • Single point sign-on feature allowing a single sign on for Windows and the 2200
  • Restricted, limited and power user groups/levels


Any ClearPath Dorado system is accessible by UTS eXpress Enterprise. UTS eXpress Enterprise requires any currently supported release of the Windows® operating system including Windows 7 and 64-bit platforms.



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