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With my old emulator, the Shift+End key combination would select all of the text in a field. There does not appear be a comparable function in eXpress Plus. Why?


Are we right in assuming that batch programs (IQU) started by either a user in demand or a system scheduler are subjected to the scrutiny of scanning the 'Security Groups' we'll create?  One could get carried away building these SGS. Any tips on how to keep it relatively simple?


We are looking into the possibility of an upgrade. Do you have any documentation that would show enhancements that were added after 1.0 came out so we could get a feel of what the differences were?


I'm trying to put together a simple distribution set-up so that we can begin deploying T27 eXpress IT to our roughly 200 users. How do I distribute a common configuration?


Is there a way to save the configuration for when I upgrade my eXpress product?


When my users try to access the QPlex client .asp, all that some of them see is a message that reads, "I am sorry but the QPlex Client requires Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers." Can you please help?


Is there a way to increase the size of the printer buffer in I-QU PLUS-1?


Is there a limitation to the page size when using I-QU PLUS-1?


It appears that I-QU PLUS-1 does not write the "partial word count" to the record as in COBOL. Can you supply a fix?


I have good compiles from Schema/Subschema and register went okay but I can't display any REDEFINE fields in the new schema. Just gives me "undefined item" tried with UCS and ASCII. Any ideas?



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