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Why Maintenance?


Keeping up with maintenance entitles you to software upgrades and technical support. The technical support alone, makes it a worth while investment.
A major rule of the computer industry and the technology age is to keep informed of what is state-of-the-art.

Keeping current with new product releases is as important as renewing yearly maintenance.  Both of these practices help protect your company’s investment in software, hardware, system development and application maintenance.

KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. abides by these principles for its own resources.  We continually research the marketplace and listen to customers.  What we discover is incorporated into our products as enhancements and system performance upgrades.

Please refer to the list of current  KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. product releases.  If you are not using the listed releases, but would like to upgrade, contact your KMSYS Worldwide, Inc. account representative and request the latest version.  If you are currently under a maintenance agreement, the products will be shipped to you or made available to you through a download process upon request.  If you are not currently under a maintenance agreement, your account representative can get you started by emailing sales@kmsys.com or calling 770-635-6350.

Keep in mind that our maintenance plan includes unlimited support, major upgrades (from v3.4 to 4.0 for example), fixes, and enhancements.  Features and enhancements are based on customer needs and desires that are sure to benefit your company.



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